TwimeMachine v3.0 (Twitter API changes, new frontend and search)

In December last year, I completely recoded TwimeMachine in Django and put it up on Heroku.

Few weeks, Twitter announced API changes. They are going to deprecate the ‘page’ parameter. This meant, the whole way TwimeMachine was coded had to be redone. I was in contact with the API dev team at Twitter and it seemed impossible that one could see your oldest tweet, without traversing the whole timeline. From Twitter’s perspective, I understand why. Twitter was never an ‘archive’ company, and probably never will be. Their value and focus is about now and what’s happening: “Holding the public conversation”.

So, I rethought TwimeMachine.

When you load up TwimeMachine it will load all of your tweets. From here you can scroll through it at leisure. I included a time indicator on the left so you can more easily where and when events occurred. I also included the ability to easily search all of the tweets.

So. Yes. That’s that. This is the first version of the new twimemachine. There might be errors and bugs. If you find any, don’t hesitate to let me know!

I’m probably going to open source it soon, so you can see how I did it.

Official Blog

Hi guys!

This will be the official blog of TwimeMachine. Will post important tidbits here. A new feature will launch soon that will be useful to some of the more extreme users of Twitter. I might also from time to time post some great tweets/pics of the past, keeping in spirit of TwimeMachine.

Have a great day!